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Welcome to Beyond the Guru Game

This blog is dedicated to upgrade the hierarchical master/disciple approach and pave the way for the development of the awakened group function.

The first essay is relating the topics to John deRuiter, but it investigates issues that are relevant for any master/disciple context:

Can a teacher avoid blindness to the value of other teachings?

Why do teachers often become inflated, arrogant and power-addicted?

Is it possible for teachers to resist the temptation to use their power to have money, sex and fame?

How does the disciple discern between the true need of help and belief in ego-deficiency?

Can disciples unleash devotion without it turning into childish idealization?

How can students grow up and take responsibility for their human needs to be seen, loved and belong?

Is it possible for a spiritual community to have cohesion without developing sectarianism?

Can the hierarchical teacher dependency be replaced by co-working awakened groups?


Much awakening is taking place on the planet. It is good to see all the untamed variety of expression in the bursting flower garden. Thousands of teachers are now able to share their awakening and insight without delay through the internet and through our ability to travel the globe and attend their seminars.

Not much attention is paid – however – to the painstakingly long process of full integration and embodiment of the awakening, before teachership is assumed.

This lack of integration and the hierarchy itself introduces a number of problematic issues, which arise in almost all teachers and spiritual fields/communities.

Insufficient integration and embodiment usually lead to ethical deficiencies in teacher´s leadership and disciple relations. Or worse – it can lead to outright inflation and identification with power. Next stop in this deplorable decline is the abuse of power through the instinctual drives for money, sex and fame, as we see so often.

Lack of maturity in disciples shows in unrealistic idealization and projection of own wisdom and is often mixed with the natural human needs to be seen, loved and belong. If these psychodynamic drives rule us unconsciously, we will gravitate toward blind idealization of our parental teacher and develop arrogance and sectarianism in our spiritual communities.

Beyond the upgrading of master/discipleship it is the intention of this blog to support the advance of the collective awakened function, which could possibly replace the old hierarchical master/disciple function, when we are ready.

If a group of awakened people gathers in a non-hierarchical setting, without any teacher, they have the potential of constituting a jewel-like Oneness with many facets and wisdoms, which in my view far surpasses the singular wisdom of one master.

Though my experience with this is tender and incipient, I have seen enough to believe that the full resolution of our current problems with gurus and sectarianism will come from this awakened group function. It is in my view the next step in spiritual evolution.